About Us

We are a trading software provider with vast experience developing B2B software for big banks and hedge funds.
Some of the successful B2B trading software used by the behemoths of Wall Street was developed by us. Bitcoin Profit is our first B2C trading program. We are happy that it has become a huge success and helped many people live their financial dream.

Bitcoin Profit is an algorithmic trading system that automates BTC speculation. We developed the trading program with the aim of helping ordinary people participate in fast-paced bitcoin trading. Bitcoin Profit has been in the market for six years now.

We have gained a huge following in Europe, Australia, and Asia. Bitcoin Profit is also popular in some parts of the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa. Unfortunately, you can’t use Bitcoin Profit in the US due to a ban on retail CFDs.

Bitcoin Profit utilizes the three most powerful crypto trading techniques. These include arbitrage trading, news trading, and price trend analysis. We have been developing HFT trading systems for years and have mastered the automation of these strategies.
Bitcoin Profit is built on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure highly accurate trading. We are always updating our program to keep up with the highly dynamic crypto markets.

Bitcoin Profit Company

We are registered as a private limited company in the UK and Australia. The Bitcoin Profit Company was founded in 2015.

Our initial aim was to provide B2C crypto derivatives trading software to the world’s leading financial institutions. The Bitcoin Profit software is our first B2C software. It’s also the most successful, with over 250,000 users.

Bitcoin Profit was developed as white-label bitcoin trading software for a leading hedge fund in London’s financial district. We decided to change it to B2C software after agreeing with the corporate client.

Fast forward to 2022, it has become one of the most profitable BTC trading software. We are always updating it to keep up with the highly dynamic crypto markets. Today, we are available in over 140 countries globally.

We have been able to reach these countries through partnerships with over 20 brokers. These brokers are linked to Bitcoin Profit in the background. They connect our trading system to the best global liquidity pools to ensure instant order execution.

Bitcoin Profit Team

The team behind the Bitcoin Profit trading program comprises of ex-Wall Street professional traders and quants from MIT.
We hire the best talents in the industry to ensure that we are always ahead of our competitors. The lead in the development of Bitcoin Profit is a former Lehman Brothers senior investment manager.

At least 50% of the development team comprises bankers and quants who have worked for the behemoths of Wall Street. We have also invested in the best talent in customer management. Our customer service team is highly knowledgeable, well-equipped, and easily reachable.

You will be assigned to a professional, dedicated account manager to register an account on the official Bitcoin Profit website.

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