The Future of IP Protection.

Experience the safest way to protect your ideas with Blockchain technology. Use an automated trading robot like Bitcoin Profit. Gain definitive proof of authorship, ensure superior defensive publication, securely exchange confidential information and conveniently monetize your IP.

Vaultitude on a laptop

Inexpensive, Safe, and Intuitive. Thanks to Blockchain.

Developed with global IP authorities and leading law firms Vaultitude addresses the needs of IP professionals, technology transfer managers, artists, scientists and inventors. As a holistic browser-based platform, Vaultitude uses Blockchain’s notary-like characteristics to make IP protection safer, faster, cheaper and more convenient. The seamless process of using Blockchain is similar to the one you'd expect from doing your day-to-day tasks with crypto such as buy Bitcoin with Paypal, or even trading Bitcoin.

All the Protection You Need.

Securely store IP.

Vaultitude’s digital vault is optimal for securely storing all types of intellectual property and provides optimal protection against data corruption, fire or theft.

Gain definitive proof of authorship.

Acquire proof ideal for legal proceedings to reduce the risk of infringement, to quickly resolve disputes and to improve the speed of removal of infringing content.

Opt for superior defensive publication.

Faster, safer and cheaper than publication via journals or server based providers, Vaultitude’s Blockchain architecture optimally ensures the status of IP as prior art.

Securely exchange sensitive information.

Effortlessly document the exchange of confidential information by requiring the other party to sign a NDA on the Blockchain before accessing your data.

Monetize your ideas via a secure marketplace.

Grant access for a fee, offer licensing deals or make your intellectual property available for purchase with all transactions being documented on the Blockchain.

Connect with colleagues, partners and IP experts.

Through its networking and messaging features Vaultitude ensures scientific collaboration, legal support and the safe exchange of information.

Meet us at these events:

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

OECD Blockchain Policy Forum

4-5 September 2018, Paris
Licensing Executives Society International - LESI

4th YMC LESI Pan-American Meeting

21 September 2018, Cancun
Danish Patent And Trademark Office

Blockchain & IP

11-12 October 2018, Copenhagen
imh Institut Manfred Hämmerle GmbH

The Bitcoin Code Conference

16-17 October 2018, Vienna
World Intellectual Property Organization & World Trade Organization

Conference on Building Respect for IP

23-25 October 2018, Johannesburg
EU Commission & European IPR Helpdesk

IP Management & Blockchain

12 December 2018, Brussels

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